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Bill Aukamp has authored a handbook for bank directors

Bill Aukamp has authored a handbook for bank directors titled “Banking Law for Directors and More.” It provides a brief history of our banking system, the respective roles of today’s banking agencies, and how they interact. It also discusses the processes employed by the Federal Reserve in its efforts to influence interest rates. A typical bank’s financial statements are used as a window into key legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the various components. Requirements that do not specifically relate to financial statement items are  also discussed, along with a description of alternative forms of organization, the Bank Merger and Change in Control Acts, and much more. Matters requiring specific board review and/or approval are highlighted. The handbook should also be of interest to a bank’s senior management team. It can be purchased for $75. If you would like more information about the Guide, or would like to purchase it, contact Bill by phone at 302-652-1100, or by email at