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Delaware Bankruptcy Help & Advice

Delaware creditors rights attorneys give legal guidance for secured and unsecured creditors

As some of the nation’s largest corporations seek bankruptcy relief in the current economic climate, other companies seek creditors rights protection. Liquidation and restructuring issues arise that affect corporations across international borders and under multiple jurisdictions. Creditors throughout the United States and internationally often require help from creditors rights bankruptcy attorneys to protect them in Delaware bankruptcy. Werb & Sullivan represents creditors nationally and all over the world as Delaware creditors rights attorneys.

Maximizing potential recovery for creditors

Considerable protections exist in the Bankruptcy Code to protect creditors against unpaid debt. Werb & Sullivan represents creditors in:

  • Preference avoidance actions
  • Fraudulent conveyance claims
  • Chapter 11 claims
  • Debtor in possession financing
  • Debt restructuring negotiations
  • Assumption or rejection of leases
  • Lift of automatic stay motions
  • Recovery of leased or financed property
  • Lien avoidance challenges
  • Bankruptcy reclamation
  • Filing a proof of claim
  • Replevin and attachments
  • Perfection of secured debt
  • ยง341 creditors meeting
  • Disputing a plan of reorganization
  • Discharge objections
  • Adversary proceedings
  • Bankruptcy purchase and sale proceedings
  • Cash collateral protection

Delaware bankruptcy advice on creditors rights

Our bankrupcy law firm represents secured and unsecured creditors in complex commercial bankruptcies, adversary proceedings, and post-bankruptcy litigation. Our lawyers also provide Delaware bankruptcy advice in prejudgment remedies, assisting secured creditors with lien perfection along with providing counsel in replevin and attachment actions. We bring actions on behalf of secured creditors to establish creditor lien priority.

We assist unsecured creditors through financial evaluation of a debtor’s assets, give legal opinions on whether to pursue a judicial lien, and represent clients in lien foreclosure, as well.

Our firm represents similarly situated creditors in class action claims that involve Delaware business bankruptcy, business-to-business and other types of commercial bankruptcies. We protect creditors rights in complex cases where debtors seek relief through omnibus motions.

From assisting with the preparation and filing of a proof of claim to pursuing adversary proceedings post-bankruptcy as plaintiffs and defendants, our lawyers work diligently to maximize potential recovery of unpaid debt for creditors.

Consult creditors rights attorneys in Delaware

Werb & Sullivan represents creditors who require local counsel in Delaware bankruptcies. We protect their interests, often working in collaboration with corporate in-house and out-of-state counsels.

To discuss how we can protect your rights as creditors, contact Werb & Sullivan online or call us at (302) 652-1100, today.