Brian A. Sullivan

Brian A. Sullivan


Mr.Sullivan has practiced law in Delaware for more than 30 years. He is skilled and highly competent in the art of negotiation. While preferring to keep his clients out of court, he is also a seasoned, experienced, and hard hitting litigator in all State and Federal Courts in the State of Delaware and nearby jurisdictions. He represents individuals, businesses and institutions in various areas, including litigation in all State and Federal Courts, Delaware bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, business and corporate law, real property, preference actions, fraudulent transfer actions, lien priority actions, business set-ups and wind-downs, business transactions, including purchase and sale of businesses and real estate, asset protection, estate planning and administration. He is also experienced in motions for relief from stay in serious personal injury actions, and represents landlords and tenants, including assumption, assignment and lease rejection issues.

Mr. Sullivan serves as a court appointed U.S. District Court Mediator for the District of Delaware as well as Mediator for U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

In 2013 Mr. Sullivan had the honor of being appointed Special Assistant Deputy Attorney General to assist in enforcing certain environmental laws involving industrial discharge and pollution of rivers.

Mr. Sullivan has also served as Trustee for a substantial number of trusts.

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